Lord of Fire & Ice VR

Welcome Lord Protector!
Hello Wizard! As defender of the realm, you’ll need to wield your magic staffs of both fire and ice. You must defeat waves of ever-increasing enemies from all directions, so watch your back. You must cast the opposite element to destroy your foes. Fire will destroy ice creatures, and ice will destroy fire creatures. However be careful young wizard,  as using the same element will strengthen (and not destroy) enemies. You also have shields, swords, and an assortment of magic spells using gestures to assist you in this quest. Please help us, Lord protector! You’re our final hope!

“Lord of Fire & Ice” is a new Virtual Reality (VR) fantasy magic defense game for PC VR (and later the Oculus Quest 2). It’s currently in development from Monkey Time Software, and it’s planned to be released on Steam in 2022.

For more info, you can find Greg Squire here
Twitter: @LordOfFireIce
Email: greg@monkeytimesoftware.com